Stogie T Reacts to Gigi Lamayne Stating that She is The Best in the Hip Hop Scene

Stogie T reacts to Gigi Lamayne claim that she is the best ever!

Several rappers are known to boast about being the best and leading the hip hop industry. While some people perceive such as confidence, others tag it as arrogance.

An example of such was Rouge who claimed that she is the best female emcee in South Africa. Her statement caused major debates but the popular rapper did not turn back her words.

Now, the twenty-five year-old rapper, Gigi Lamayne, has come out to remind people of what she thinks of herself. She claims to be best; as regards pulling off one woman shows, rapping and dropping hits.

The Job Wood star wrote:

I’m the best to ever do it. Vernac, cyphers, hits, one woman. I’m that chick.

Several people have agreed to her claim, including the Pretty Flowers hitmaker, Stogie T.

The rapper, poet, singer and song-writer, Gigi Lamayne, is an incredible artist that has shaken the music scene with hit songs including Full Clip, Ice Cream, The Source, Twinkle, and so on.

Would you consider Gigi Lamayne the best? Let us know your thoughts!

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