Stogie T Reacts To The Criticism That His Music Is ‘Whack’

Stogie reacts to a criticism of two years back, stating that his music is 'whack.'

South African rapper, Stogie T, has reacted to a criticism of two years ago where a social media user had stated that music is ‘whack.’

One challenge about being an artist is that you don’t always receive praise and love. You sometimes receive criticisms and negative comments.

The ‘Pretty Flowers’ hitmaker is one of the most remarkable rappers in the South African hip hop scene and he is greatly admired and praised by hip hop lovers. His rapping skills have captured the heart of several fans. However, not everyone thinks he is very talented and skilled.

Two years ago, a Twitter user stated that Stogie T is not as good as he was before his change of name.

The talented rapper reacted to the 2018’s comment just recently. His reaction made fans assume that the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic is causing boredom for the ‘Pretty Flowers’ rapper as he had the time to browse through his tweet as far back as two years ago.

Stogie T recently teased the music video for his single titled ‘Love And War,’ featuring Lucille Slade.

Our favourite artists are using this self-isolation period to release singles so as to prevent us from getting bored.

Stogie T never fails at entertaining his fans. Last week Friday, his Freestyle Friday was a blast! Now, the rapper has teased us with a new song where he featured Lucille Slade. Lucille Slade featured on DJ Zinhle’s single titled ‘Go,’ and we all know the great vibe she added to the song.

Stogie T’s upcoming music video will be released very soon and we cannot express how eager we are.

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