Stogie T To Give Away More Designer Sneakers!

Stogie T will give away more sneakers

Mzansi rapper, Stogie T announces that he’ll give away more sneakers.

A lot of Mzansi celebs have made it a thing to always be vocal about helping people out in any ways they can. Some have gone to great lengths to sort out the fees of various fans and it has been a really touching sight to see. Some would rather keep their good deeds to themselves and not let fans know about it, still, it doesn’t mean they aren’t helping out.

Stogie T must be feeling the beauty of giving because he really wants to do it all over again. The rapper who is known to keep some of the things he does to himself, recently announced he’d be giving away some of his kicks. Everyone knows how much men love their sneakers. Well, he did, and ended up feeling great about it. So, he has announced plans to do it all over again.

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