“Stop Pushing The Notion That I’m A Troublemaker” — Emtee Addresses Tweeps Over Album Tweet

Is Emtee challenging A-Reece to album of the year record? Well, some people say he is, and the issue appears serious enough for Emtee to address it himself.

The issue a rally started after the “Prayer” chanter noted in a tweet that a lot of artists have released albums this year. Well, could the goal be to clinch the album of the year tag?

An A-Reece fan page saw the tweet and replied that the songster has the album of the year. This prompted Emtee to respond that he is happy for A-Reece but that he, Emtee, is a big hustler. It appeared people took his statement out of context, for the replies he got over the tweet made him drop another tweet to clarify things. He made it clear he merely wanted to highlight the fact that many South Africans have released albums this year but that people are making it seem like he was challenging A-Reece and, therefore, a troublemaker.

Emtee’s fans were quick to rise to his defence, though, with some wondering why people have the habit of always taking things out of context.

By the way, Emtee and A-Reece were former bandmates at Ambitiouz Entertainment. Each has since left to found his own record label.

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