Stormy Daniels: The Storm In Trump’s Quest To Reclaim The Presidency Of The United States

Truth has often been described as stubborn, always getting out however hard people try to bury it. We see this manifest again and again. For former United States president Donald Trump, the hour of truth appeared to have come, as he was indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, which also brought to light a woman with whom he allegedly had sex years ago but reportedly paid into silence.

Meet Stormy Daniels, a porn actor, who is getting all the attention over her encounter with the former president of the United States years before he vied for and ultimately won the presidential race. Trump had reportedly paid her into silence with the sum of $130k. The fund was reportedly channelled through a “fixer” of his, Michael Cohen.

Speaking about her coital encounter with trump, Stormy had described it as “textbook generic” -whatever that means. She had reportedly slept with Trump in Lake Tahoe around 2006 shortly after Melanie gave birth to Barron Trump.

With Trump’s indictment over the $130k hush money, he becomes the first president of the United States to face criminal charges. And while she insisted on her coital encounter with Trumps, he roundly denies it. And his 2024 presidential campaign will continue regardless.

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