Stranger Things 4: Millie Bobby Brown Tears Up Following Encounter With Vecna

Flicks, actors, and how their play their roles, can provoke emotions in people in ways ordinary folk may not realize. At any rate, that was the case with Millie Bobby Brown felt on Stranger Things 4 during her encounter with the monstrous Vecna.

A couple of characters, including Argyle and Addie Munson, came with Stranger Things 4. And, of course, there was the villainous Vecna, whose costume was a horror to those he would encounter on the set. So in that sense, perhaps, Millie Bobby Brown tearing up during the encounter with Vecna shouldn’t be surprising.

Jamie Campbell Bower played the role of Vecna. To play that role, he was transformed into a semblance of a monster with the help of latex, silicone, etc., creating a “second skin.”

Millie Bobby Brown, who played Eleven, was brought in kinda bound, and Vecna walked up to her. Was she discomfited? Probably, for it was at exactly that moment that she burst into tears. She would admit later that she knew Jamie Campbell Bower was the bloke behind the mask.

Stranger Things 4 is the flick for those who have ab affinity for horror movies. But if you’re faint of heart, you might want to focus elsewhere.

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