Stroke Recovery: Lira’s Surprise Performance Leaves Fans In Tears

She exemplifies the saying that where there is life there is hope. Yes. South African singer Lira surprised her fans recently and even moved some of them to tears after her surprise performance weeks after she struggled to speak during an interview.

She had popped in for the interview weeks back but seriously struggled to speak. Then, weeks later, out of the blue, she had given a stunning performance. Of course, this meant a lot for those who know her story and for Lira herself. It shows the endless possibilities that life is imbued with.

The background to it all unfolded about a year ago when the singer had a supposedly mild stroke while in Germany for a performance. She ended up not performing. She had to be hospitalised as a result of the stroke. Her speech was affected then and she herself worried for her singing career.

In the intervening months, though, she had been recovering, leading up to the point of the interview, where she struggled to speak. But things took a beautiful turn when she gave a surprise performance.

For some of her fans, it is a testament to the reality that there is nothing God cannot do.

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