Stuart Baxter On Kaizer Chiefs Beating Orlando Pirates At FNB

It was a keen contest, and although one team emerged victorious at the end of it all, each team insists it had outperformed the other.

Archrivals in the Premier South African League (PSL) Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates had faced each other for the Soweto derby at the FNB Stadium that was near empty on match day.

Performance in football is graded based on several stats, including ball possession. Interestingly, unlike their rivals, Pirates had better ball possession in the game. But it wasn’t enough to give them victory at FNB.

The game ended with the Pirates beating the Chief’s 2 goals to 1. The Pirates may not have won but they are of the view that they actually performed better. It just didn’t translate to victory.

Kaizer Chiefs, which have Stuart Baxter as coach, was just as confident in their performance. In fact, they believe they did better on the pitch against their rivals.

Stuart Baxter affirms the same. Speaking after his team beat their rivals, he noted that his team opened the game well and was incredible in the first 15 minutes, with great passes and possession. He concluded by stating that his team deserved the victory they got against the Pirates.

Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates are two of the biggest rivals in the PSL. Their encounters on the pitch have often led to serious drama. Their latest encounter may not have led to serious drama but the Pirates did bleed — sorry, lose by a goal.

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