Substance Abuse: Cher Files Conservatorship Over Son Elijah

A little conservatorship drama is playing out there between Cher and her son Elijah, with Mama having filed a conservatorship over her son’s estate. Reason? Substance abuse.

By Cher’s own account, her son has been abusing substances and might not be in a position to properly manage his estate. So she is applying to take over the management.

Although all the details are nt out there, multiple reports claim that Cher is seeking to be the sole conservator of her son’s estate. It was part of the filing made regarding the case.

Part f her filing claimed that she had worked tirelessly to get her son help. The conservatorship filing then, is only part of the plan to ensure that he gets help.

An initial hearing (for a temporary order) is set for January 5 next year, and another hearing regarding a permanent order is set for two months after – in early March 2024.

The news of the conservatorship has provoked mixed reactions online, with some tweeps pointing out it would not turn out to be something similarly “bloody” as that between Britney Spears and her father.

Well, the coming weeks should reveal a lot. So tag along if you please. Yes?

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