Suki & Robert Pattinson Engaged, Expecting First Child Together

Robert Pattinson and Suki have decided to take their relationship to a new level by getting engaged. But that is not all. The bigger news is that the couple is expecting a baby. You heard that right. Things have moved pretty fast between them.

Robert and Suki’s relationship dates back several years, beginning, some people would say, in 2018, when they were first spotted together. Their relationship had grown massively then, leading to the big news of the moment – their engagement and SUki’s pregnancy.

In 2019, a year after they were spotted hanging out in London, in January, Suki celebrated her birthday with Robert. Months later, in April of the same year, Robert publicly returned the energy when he spoke about Suki during an interview.

By September things heated up and they were photographed in each other’s arms. If there were speculations previously about their relationship, the picture of them cuddling, shared on Instagram, clarified that the two were an item already.

In the intervening years, they continue to build on what they have. By 2020, engagement rumours started flying across the world. Fans didn’t have to wait long, as their engagement ahs finally been confirmed, with a baby already sealed and ready to be “delivered” soon.

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