Sun-EL Musician Wants You To Pick His Next Music Release

Sun-El Musician wants a fans to pick his next music release

gives fans options to pick his next new music from.

It is every fan's dream to get to choose new music from their favourite artists. Who wouldn't want to make a choice from a list of songs that will probably become huge hits as soon as they drop.

Mzansi Disc Jockey and producer, is giving fans the opportunity to choose his next single. The Mzansi hit maker recently took to social media to share three snippets of possible new releases and asked fans to choose one. All three songs have different tempos. Male voices sing in the first two while a female voice sings in the third.

Fans of the “Into Ingawe” hit maker will definitely have a hard time choosing from the three because they are all beautiful songs. Well, whichever gets chosen, we'll still have new music delivered to the airwaves. So, it's still a win.

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