Supreme Court Declares Lerato Sengadi HHP’s Wife

Supreme Court finally declares Lerato Sengadi HHP's wife

Lerato Sengadi is declared HHP’s wife by the Supreme Court.

It has definitely been a trying year for the late HHP’s wife, Lerato Sengadi. She has been in a battle with the late Hip Hop star’s family who vehemently refused to acknowledge her as his customary wife.

For a while now the drama got more and more complicated to the point that she was barred from attending his funeral and memorial. She took the matter to High court and it ruled in her favour naming her his lawful wife. However, it got even more complicated when HHP’s family refused to give her a share in his estate.

After an appeal by Jabulani’s family to the Supreme Court, the hearing took place on 6 March this year, and once again, she reigned victorious. The Supreme Court made a final ruling stating that Sengadi is entitled to a portion of HHP’s estate. At least, she can mourn her husband in peace now.

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