Surfaced Video of the Late Kagiso ‘Pope’ Ramoshai Predicting His Death

Mzansi reacts to a shocking video of the later Kagiso “Pope” Ramoshai predicting his death in an interview.

Mzansi is in mourning and people are inconsolable. Social media has been flooded with tributes since LAM announced that the Pope passed away. He is said to have died in a fatal car crash.

Mphoza Mashabela from LAM stated,

“Death has robbed the Limpopo entertainment sector in a huge way. We would like to send our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, colleagues, and fans. May his youthful soul rest in eternal peace.”

A video of the late Limpopo star seemingly predicting his death qas shared on TikTok by mzimba70. In the clip taken from a podcast interview, he talked about how many people would be sad if he ever died in a car accident. He said,

“As we sit here, we do not know what God’s plan for you and I is after we finish recording this podcast. If I get out of here and then I’m involved in a car accident, God forbid, people will stay questioning, ‘God, why Pope?’ It’s because we don’t know God’s plan. God works in mysterious ways that he can use a sad event in your life to promote you.”

Fans were stunned. Nyiko wrote,

“He prophesied his death and the way he’s going to die.”

lee reacted to the video, “Sometimes let’s not talk bad things cause is manifesting.”

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