Surprise, Surprise, As Makhadzi Shares Pictures Of Her Daughter

South African singer Makhadzi has just posted a picture of her daughter, sending a wave of shock across sections of the South African population because many were unaware she had a daughter despite her highly publicised dating life.

Her daughter was one aspect of her life she had managed to keep away from many people and now that she has revealed the kid, many are curious, with some expressing admiration and saying the kid is beautiful.

The songstress didn’t give details about her child, so not much is known about her, from her name right down to who her father might be. However, according to one news site, the “Ghanama” hitmaker gave birth to the child before she had her big break in South Africa’s music industry.

A look at the kid shows that she shares close physical features with her mother. You can check her out below.

Surprise, Surprise, As Makhadzi Shares Pictures Of Her Daughter 2

With this revelation, Makhadzi has officially registered herself as one of the celebrity baby mamas out there. The singer has actually come a long way. From an unknown and obscure artist, she had plodded her way to the top, and she is today regarded as one of the top female South African entertainers out there.


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