“Surreal” – Big Freedia Talks Beyonce Collaboiration On “Break My Soul”

“I’m so honoured,” crooned Big Freedia about featuring on “Break My Heart,” the sixth track from Beyonce’s imminent “Renaissance” album.

Well, who wouldn’t be? It’s been a while since the pop queen released anything, and “Break My Heart” she has released in a while – the first from an intensely anticipated body of work.

In a tweet about the new release, Big Freedia had described being on Beyonce’s song as a “surreal” experience. She said it’s a special moment in her career, and she would forever be grateful. She imagined herself dropping to the ground from sheer excitement, and bid peeps catch her.

“Break My Heart” is currently out on several streaming platforms, but it actually dropped first on Tidal, a streaming platform partly owned by Beyonce.

The prelude to the release of the song was Beyonce taking down the profile pictures on her social media accounts. Her action spawned a fever of expectancy among her fans, with some suggesting that she’s about to release new music and others saying she’s about to release new designs to celebrate pride month.

Those thinking of new music were proved right when Tidal announced that she’s released a new project dubbed “Renaissance.” The album will be out on July 29.

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