“Surreal” – Mmusi Maimane Recalls Robbery Incident At Local Bar

No one wants to be a victim of a robbery. But then life happens. Fate intrudes, and people find themselves at the mercy of men of the underworld. Some survive. Some are killed. Some are psychologically damaged for life.

South African politician Mmusi Maimane is a survivor of a robbery. And he’s more than happy to have survived. Looking back, though, it was like a dream because it was so unexpected and shook him somewhat.

The One South Movement leader was robbed in Cape Town on Wednesday, 3 August. According to him, he had taken his brother-in-law for a drink at a bar. About 30 minutes after they got in, gunmen stormed the bar and proceeded to rob every table.

It felt like a movie, he said – completely surreal – and he’s still feeling the effects of the robbery. He thereafter delved into the crime situation in South and lamented that things were getting out of control. He also referenced other people who are not so lucky but get shot in robberies at taverns. You can check out his post below.

Mmusi Maimane’s post elicited mixed reactions. Some South Africans wondered what the politician, who’s also a pastor, was doing at a bar where alcoholic beverages are served.

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