Suspect Involved in Tebogo Thobejan Shooting Arrested

A while back, Tebogo Thobejane alerted the public to her having survived a shooting attack. The bullet narrowly missed her and hit a friend. While it was a close shave for her, her friend wasn’t so lucky.

The friend survived the shooting but it still feels bad that a friend had to go through all that. Well, more details are beginning to emerge about the shooting, with a suspect already in police custody.

Multiple reports indicate that the Sandton Police have arrested a suspect in the shooting and investigations are ongoing. How the case will end is unclear at this point, but the actress is seemingly happy with this “progress.”

By the way, besides the shooting, she has consistently been bullied online, a reality that forced her to advocate against bullying from the UAE, where she currently lives.

In a country where gender-based violence is pretty high, the advocacy has been described as timely by some people. Yeah, from more quarters than one, Tebogo is getting the support she needs.

Well, whether the arrest of the suspect will lead to a conviction is unclear at this moment but South Africans are certainly following the case closely. Stay tuned for more.

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