Suspects In AKA’s Are Already In Prison For Other Crimes

Police reveal that the suspects in AKA and Tibz’s murders are already in prison for other crimes.

On February 10, it became a whole year since SA Hip Hop star AKA and his best friend Tibz were murdered in Durban. Speaking to eNCA about the investigations, police spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe revealed that the suspects were already in prison for other crimes.

She said, “We have positive evidence linking identified suspects, others are in custody related to other matters. Others are on the run and the team is hot on their heels.”

Mathe called for patience as the police investigated the murder. She said the silence of the police was not to undermine the families of the victims.

IOL reports that Forensic investigator Calvin Rafadi said it was disappointing that on the one-year anniversary, the police had only found the gun and car used in committing the crime.

He said, “There is no way for them to identify them and not charge them unless they are recruiting them as State witnesses, which would also be difficult as the law does not allow for more than one person to be a witness.”

“Police should not delay charging these people because we don’t want to see a situation where they (the suspects) may be released on a technicality.”

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