“Sympathy for the Devil” – Nicolas Cage To Star Alongside Joel Kinnaman

Sympathy For the Devil sounds like an intriguing title for a movie. Not surprisingly, it has got some fine actors to interpret it, including Nicolas Cage, who would be starring alongside Joel Kinnaman.

The new flick Sympathy For the Devil is a psychological thriller directed by Yuval Adler. In the film, Joel Kinnaman is the “driver” locked in a miniature cat and mouse game with a character called the “Passenger” (Nicolas Cage).

Allan Ungar, a producer, has nothing but nice words for the flick. In his own words, it is nothing short of a tour de force featuring two incredible actors and is bound to snap the attention of the audience.

The film is not officially out, but with such panegyrics, it is more likely to have many movie buffs who would love to check it out on its final premiere. The stakes are incredibly high because of the quality of the actors in the film.

Cage is a celebrated actor who has won an Oscar for his role in Mike Figgis’s Leaving Las Vegas. He has also earned an academy award nomination. Among the movies he’s known for are National Treasure, Face Off and Ghost Rider.

For his part, Charles Joel Nordström Kinnaman stands out for flicks like  RoboCop, Altered Carbon, The Informer, and The Killing.

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