T.I. finally Addresses Snitching Allegations

T.I addresses snitching allegations against him

T.I addresses snitching allegations in a recent Instagram Live interview.

T.I isn’t going to be put down by anyone who has an opinion about him. The rapper is finally speaking out following allegations of snitching which have trailed him recently. A decade-old video of Tip promoting Crime Stoppers hit the net and led fans to label the rapper a snitch.

In the video, T.I encourages viewers to call the Crime Stoppers Atlanta hotline to report perpetrators and get them off the streets. Appearing in an Instagram Live interview with K-Dubb, he addressed being accused of working with the feds calling out his accusers.

He fired shots at his accusers telling them to slap a snitch the minute they see one. He also told them to knock his nose out instead of asking for a picture the next time they see him out. He said “N***a come on and knock my nose out if you think I’m a snitch, n***a. N***a, c’mon, quit smilin’ in my face trying to get in my fu**in’ section.

This isn’t the first time T.I is being accused of collaborating with the feds. In December last year, Blue Face’s manager, Wack 100 accused Tip of working with the feds for a lighter sentence when  he was arrested in 2007 on firearms charges.

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