Takealot Receives Great Reviews For Their Quick Delivery System

Delivery service provider TakeALot has charmed so many in and, understandably, the reviews – positive reviews – have been pouring in torrents.

In a system where people are used to egregious service delivery, where people have to wait like forever to have their foods delivered to them, when a company steps in to change the narrative and make sure people get their stuff o time, people are happy and they celebrate the “revolution.”

That’s what’s playing out in the case of TakeALot. Founded in 2011, the company is an online retailer and one of South Africa’s favorite stores ever.

And because the company has been smashing the expectations of shoppers, they’re more than happy to give TakeALot the five-star rating, each invariably translates to more interest in the brand.

Amid the storm of positive reviews, some happy clients have taken to joking about the company’s delivery. The prevailing joke is that TakeALot will promise to deliver within five days, only to end up delivering “yesterday.”

You get it, right? You can check out some of the reactions so far below.

Will TakeALot maintain this momentum and have buyers clapping for it into the coming years? The coming days will reveal a lot.

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