Tamia Mpisane Joins “Kwa Mam’Mkhize” Reality Show For Season 2

Andile Mpisane’s wife Tamia Mpisane has just joined the reality show of her mother-in-law Shauwn Mkhize (Andile’s mother). The reality show Kwa MamMkhize is currently in its second season.

Tamia joining the show is in no way surprising because the show itself is almost all about the Mkhiza/ Mpisane family. And she is now a part of it following her marriage to Andile. What’s more, she has already birthed two kids for him at the time of joining the show.

The trailer of the second season was released by Showmax and has been liked over 100k times by eager fans, some of whom have made it known in the comment that they cannot wait to watch the real thing finally.

Well, they wouldn’t have long to wait. In fact, they have more in store for them this time, as Shauwn Mkhize has also pointed out that she will be revealing a new side to her in the new season. What that actually is will be obvious soon enough.

By the way, not only Tamia would be a part of the show. She will join other family members, including Andile Mpisane and Sbahle Mpisane. You can check out the trailer below and stay tuned for the full course.

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