Tamia Mpisane Provokes Pregnancy Rumours With New Snaps

Is Tamia Mpisane pregnant with her second child? Well, speculations are currently rife that she is, following a post she made on her Instagram page.

The reality star had posted a series of pictures on her Instagram page which led fans to conclude that she looked pregnant. Some of her fans even went as far as saying that she is carrying a baby boy in her womb.

This stems in part from the fact that she is already mother to a daughter; so, in their fevered brains, she would need a son as complement, so baby Miaandy, who was born in 2022, would have a brother

The only person who has not formally stated whether she is pregnant or not is Tamia herself. Also, her husband Andile Mpisane had said nothing at the time of writing.

At any rate, if she is indeed pregnant, it is not something she can hide forever. An African proverb states that one can hide and deny having sex but cannot hide a pregnancy. It’s only a matter of time before the public knows whether she is pregnant or not.

Of course, we will be right here to bring you the scoop. So stay tuned for updates.


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