Tamia Mpisane Shows Off Her New Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Car Gift From Andile

Tamia Mpisane shows off the brand new Mercedes Benz G-Wagon she got from her man, Andile Mpisane.

It is the month of love, and already, several couples are showing each other how much they appreciate themselves. Andile Mpisane did not wait for Valentine’s Day to make his wife feel special. According to recent reports, the Royal AM Football Club chairman surprised his wife Tamia with a new Mercedes Benz G-Wagon.

The latest reality star took to social media to show off the new car. The couple welcomed their second child late last year. Tamia also recently debuted on the family reality show. She spoke about not liking her man, Andile, at first.

“My name is Tamia Mpisane, and I am married to Andile Mpisane. I met Andile through a mutual friend in December 2019. I knew he was the one for me because he was so persistent. I did not want him, but he was so persistent, I was like, ‘actually I think I like him,” said Tamia.

She also talked about what she would bring to the show.

“I am going to bring a lot. On social media, people often say I do not speak because I am usually reserved, so they should watch the show and see me speak. People will see the real me in my element.”

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