Tashas Shooting: Victim Has South African Driver’s Licence

Multiple gunshots at the popular restaurant Tashas had pareos scampering for safety. By the time the smoke cleared, a man known as Jason Lambe lay dead. 

According to multiple sources, Jason was armed but never had the opportunity to use his firearm when he was shot by two men who stepped into the restaurant masked. So, in a sense, a shootout was avoided. 

Besides having a gun on him, Jason was said to have a South African driver’s licence and a United Arab Emirates residency permit.

It’s unknown what led to the shooting, but some sources claim it had to do with the Paradise Papers, which were leaked online not long ago. 

Tashas is not just a fine restaurant but also infamous for the discharge of firearms within its premises. For instance, back in January 2013, Oscar Pistorius had discharged under a table a Glock pistol belonging to his friend Darren Fresco. 

The latest incident is under investigation by the authorities. Gauteng’s police spokesperson, Colonel Dimakatso Sello, confirmed the incident, noting the hunt is on for the suspects. 

After killing Lambe, the suspects fled the scene. Outside, the two men had stopped briefly in order not to attract too much attention. They had walked to a getaway car soon after and disappeared.

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