Tattoo Wars: Emtee Says He Forgives Flame

Years back Emtee had inked the Mercedes Benz logo on his neck. His fellow musician Flame had scoffed at the tattoo, asking him to remove it because he didn’t own a Mercedes Benz.

Emtee had spat back in anger, telling his fans to stop asking him about Flame of the “Candyman” fame. He dismissed Flame as a clown and implored him to stop acting like they know each other. He ultimately called him a Travis Scott wanna be ass nigga.

Those words of dismissal were uttered in 2018, via a tweet. So it is clear two years have elapsed since then. In that two years, apparently, Emtee was able to better process Flame’s statement. Now, he says Flame was right…

In a tweet on 28 June, Emtee stated that Flame was right, after all, because at the time he (Emtee) was actually riding in someone’s Mercedes Benz. He asked his fans to let Flame know he’s forgiven him, and won’t cause him harm.

He didn’t stop there, though. In a follow-up tweet, he indicated his willingness to remove the tattoo and asked fans to how he could go about the process.

What followed was a storm of suggestions. It remains to be seen how he goes about erasing the tattoo.

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