Taylor Swift Donates To Single Moms

Taylor swift is in the news again. This time, it isn’t for another hit song but for a generous move on her part. The songstress had gifted two single mums the sum of R194 495.

One of the beneficiaries of her gifts, Niki Cornwell, had revealed to the Washington Post that she was $4 000 (R59 844) behind on her rent and feared eviction from her apartment. Taylor swift had been moved by the lady’s story and decided to help her out.

Taking to Ms Cornwell’s GoFundMe, the “Cardigan” singer had dropped a heartwarming note, stating how she discovered Nikki’s story, as well as her appreciation of Nikki’s bravery in sharing that story. She added that she was sorry, describing her donation as a gift from one Nashville girl to another.

The story was the same for Shelbie Selewski, another single mom. Taylor Swift had read of Shelbie Selewski’s story in the Washington post and reached out to her as well. She also wrote Selewski a fine note, stating no one should feel the kind of stress that has been put on the single mum. She left her a monetary gift as well.

These are but several instances when Taylor Swift had put smiles on the faces of those in need.

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