Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Reportedly Split After 6 Years

A perfect relationship steeped in harmony, love and lasting till death… Who doesn’t want it? But as happens almost all the time, life usually throws at people the exact opposite of what they wish or ask for. The reality is all over the place, but the most recent example is of special interest because it involved two celebrities: Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are reportedly no longer together.

When some people remember the pair, what comes to mind is one beautiful couple who adored each other and gave others couple goals. But all that appears to be in the past now as the two have broken up after six tears together. For the “shippers” of the couple’s relationship, that was one ghastly news they wished wasn’t true.

Taylor Swift and her man reportedly broke up a few weeks back, however, the news of their split is only now making it to the tabloids. Entertainment Tonight reported the split last weekend and other networks have since carried it.

The relationship with Alwyn was fruitful in many respects despite what Swift called the “weird rumours” surrounding their being together. For instanceAlwyn was known to have written a couple of songs for Swift using the alias William Bowery.

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