Taylor Swift Poses With Family Of Fan Who Died At Her Concert

A fan dying during an artist’s concert is one nightmare artists would rather not experience and for good reason. The negative publicity can be shocking. Beyon that, it is simply tragic that a fan should die at an event meant to give everyone a good time.

But, as happens now and then, life is sometimes willy, throwing the unwanted and undesirable at people. This was the recent reality of singer Taylor. One of her fans had died during a concert in Brazil – a tragic experience she wished never happened.

But then, her humane side was manifested soon after the tragedy, when she was photographed with the family of the late fan. A Taylor Swift fan account, called The Swift Society, shared the picture of the songstress with the family of the late fans.

In the image, the singer would be seen in the middle of the family members who all wore t-shirts with the image of the late fan (Ana Clara Benevides Machado). You can check it out below.

Taylor Swift has been commended for taking out time to visit the grieving family and consoling with them in their loss. With this incident, she joins the league of artists who lost fans at their concerts.

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