Taylor Swift Reacts As Ticketmaster “Bungles” Ticket Presale For “Eras” Tour, Gets Sued

Fans are fans because they are not passive. They not only follow their faves but act according to their feelings vis-a-vis actions and events relating to them. This reality plays out again and again.

For Ticketmaster, it has just played out but not in a good way. Fans are suing the ticketing company for what they consider the botched presale of tickets for ’s Eras tour.

A presale had opened on November 15, and many around the States angled to snag tickets but didn’t as much as get one, thanks in part to bots and scalpers. This infuriated many of her fans, some of whom banded together to suit the ticketing company.

It is reported that the Ticketmaster was supposed to send “verified” fans a code on November 14, which will enable them to access the presale event the following day. However, many of them complained that they either did not receive the code or were sent a malfunctioning code. And they are not having it.

got wind of the grievances and issued a statement in which she called out the company over its handling of the presale event.

It remains to be seen if Ticket master will redeem itself.

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