Taylor Swift Smashes Patriarchy In “The Man” Music Video

Taylor Swift is anti-patriarchy in the new music video for "The Man"

is everything against patriarchy in her new music video for “The Man”.

Since Taylor Swift’s latest album, Lover dropped, one of the album’s singles has caught so much attention even without being released as a single. “The Man” has been one of the stand-out songs on the and has been praised for it’s anti-sexist lyrics which tackle some of the issues faced by women all over the world.

Taylor puts herself in the shoes of the man while analysing some of the things that are wrong about patriarchy. The song was inspired by the film “The Wolf Of Wall Street” which stars Leonardo DiCaprio who is also namechecked in it.

Taylor has now released the official video for the song which she equally directed and also starred in. The video tackles patriarchy and highlights toxic masculinity in the best ways. It also shows that in the end, the woman is the boss.

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