Tbo Touch Opens Up On The Crisis At Soweto TV

Tbo Touch has responded to claims he was fired from his CEO position at Soweto TV, describing the news as “fraudulently fabricated.”

At any rate, the TV executive, who was reportedly reinstated to his CEO position after he was fired by the board chairman, made it known that\s he’s leaving the station at the end of May this year. He also revealed the case is now in the commercial claims court.

Commenting on the minor crisis that appeared to have gripped the board, he noted that when the new board took over in 2019, Soweto TV was R19.7 million in debt. Although he could have retrenched staff as a result of the debt, according to him, he opted, instead, to reduce staff salaries by 7 to 11 percent.

This decision had not gone well with the staff. It was said to be the reason why the chairman fired him and why the affected staff took the case to court.

The court had ruled in favour of the affected staff, asking Soweto TV to pay them three months salaries. The station reportedly did not pay.

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