Tbo Touch Returns to Metro FM

Radio presenter Touch is back to Metro FM – a station he was served before he was fired.

Away from Metro FM back then, the radio nut had linked up with some of his pals (who were equally fired from their presenting jobs) to launch was they dubbed FM – “Fired” because they were all fired. Lol.

Not much has been heard of that station championed by DJ Fresh, Euphonik, Β  Touch, and DJ Sbu. And with Tbo Touch returning to the media house he once worked for, the future of Fired FM has been a subject of debate.

But why would Metro FM decide to bring back Touch after terminating his contract? Some followers of the story are of the view that Tbo Touch’s interview on the set of Podcast and Chill with MacG made Metro FM decide to bring him back.

The news of Touch’s return to Metro FM is currently generating great excitement online among his fans, with many of them stating he would bring new life to the station he left six years ago in controversial circumstances.

It remains to be seen what impact his return to the station would bring. Stay tuned.

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