Tebogo Thobejane Drama Latest: Arrest Warrant Issued For Inno Morolong

The drama continues between Inno Morolong and Tebogo Thobejane, as an arrest warrant was issued against the former for violating the latter’s protection warrant.

A Randburg Magistrate Court had issued the arrest warrant after establishing that Inno Morolong continued to troll Tebogo on Instagram. The arrest warrant pleased many South African social media users, most of whom noted that Inno Morolong is something of a problem.

The warrant of arrest was issued against Inno Morolong on June 13. Inno Morolong’s Instagram post in which she threw shades at Tebogo Thobejane was presented as evidence against her and used as backing for the arrest warrant order.

At the time of writing, there was no evidence that she had been arrested. However, according to sources, she was angry with the warrant of arrest issued against her. She claimed not to have any clue what the basis for the warrant is but noted she would contact her lawyers.

If and how she does that is entirely left to her. South Africans are just here for the drama. And so are we – to share the same with you.

By the way, Inno Morolong has had several brushes with other celebs for one reason or the other, most notably Gigi Lamayne.

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