Tekashi69 Baby Momma Says He Allegedly Raped And Beat Her

Tekashi69’s Baby Momma made gory revelations about how the rapper meted  different forms of abuse on her, while they were still dating.

American rapper Tekashi6ix9ine’s life have been marked by various negative outcomes and it definitely isn’t getting better anytime soon.

The rapper who is currently in jail facing charges for racketeering, aiding and abetting, conspiracy and drug trafficking, stands to spend 47 years of his life in jail. Now the rapper stands more heat as his baby mama, Sara Molina accuses him of abusing her sexually, physically and mentally.

Molina in talking about the whole encounter said she met Tekashi6ix9ine in 2011, when she was just 16 years through a mutual friend and was before he started his rap career. His father’s death in 2010 made him decide to get a job at the local Brooklyn deli. Which was where they got acquainted and started their seven year relationship.

Molina further talked about how she supported him emotionally and financially, till he decided to start dealing drugs and started his rap career, which was when everything changed.

Molina narrated that on most occasion Tekashi6ix9ine would get mad at her for no just reason, beating her up at will, while also defending most of the crimes he has committed. She said he once revealed to her that he had slept with 70 women, gotten some pregnant and gotten a lot of STDs.

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