Telkom Subscribers Complain Over Poor Service Delivery

Telkom, one of the telecoms service providers in South Africa, is facing some heat right now as users complain about poor service coverage. 

One subscriber noted that he’d hopped from one network to another but kept encountering one problem or the other. He ended up by stating that each network has its own issues. So, well, according to him, the networks are all children of the same mother. 

A particularly aggrieved subscriber had noted that if the network has one million haters, she’s one of them; if it has ten, she’s one of them; and if it has just one, then she’s that person. 

One pissed subscriber compared Telkom to a house that’s no longer comfortable and asked other network providers if they’d welcome him. 

Amid the condemnations of Telkom and its service delivery, some subscribers are making suggestions on the way forward for the network. According to one subscriber, if the network could address connectivity issues, it would be on its way to becoming the top network in South Africa.

A key thread running through most complaints is that Telkom offers cheap services at the cost of efficiency. But will abutting change in the coming days? Time will tell, perhaps.

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