Tellaman Advises Idols SA Stars To “Get Out Now”

Tellaman tells contestants of Idols SA to get out now

Tellaman advices the contestants of the Idols SA contest to “get out now”.

It isn’t everyday that you see Tellaman speaking out about some things, but we can’t deny that he makes a lot of sense when he does. The Mzansi star is calling on all our favourite Idols SA contestants to get out now.

Wow! That brings to question what’s up. Truly, we are here wondering why he’d tweet that kind of advice. Well, isn’t it obvious? The question of what happens to some of the show’s fan favourites after it ends is what comes to mind.

For years now, the popular show has presented some of the popular names in the music industry to Mzansi. Some of them include, Yanga Sobetwa, the Qwabe Twins aka Q-Twins, Amanda black, Karabo, Luyolo Yiba and more. That’s only a few of them. There’s also a list of many who faded away after their run on the show.

We can remember the show’s former contestant, Noma who suffered from depression. The gist was that she struggled to get work, and when she did, had to share 20 percent of her earnings with Gallo Records. Do you think they should take Tellaman’s advice? Let us know.

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