Tellaman Remembers The Time DJ Black Coffee Appraised Him

Tellaman remembers getting appraised by DJ Black Coffee

Tellaman remembers once getting appraised by DJ Black Coffee.

The most talented artistes didn’t just get where they are now in a flash. There surely was a process which involved the hustle of trying to be heard and seen. Some may be huge stars now but trust that they all passed through that process.

Popular Mzansi artiste, Tellaman has his and from what we’ve seen, he isn’t forgetting it anytime soon.

In a recent post shared on Instagram, the singer revealed that there was a time when he met DJ Black Coffee and gave him a CD full of demos of his work. He also shared an appraisal the popular disc jockey tweeted to him which has stayed with him.

He has revealed that it meant a whole lot to him, also doubting if Coffee would even remember. Tellaman has now had a lot of success with his music, and amassed much love from fans.

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