Temba Bavuma Snags Sunrisers Eastern Cape Contract For The SA20

In sports, if you’re good, you’re good, and you will most likely continue to attract good things to yourself – including, of course, the money. That has at least been the case with South Africa’s cricket captain Themba Bavuma.

The field ace, who recently lead his team to the humbling of England, has just snagged a contract with the Sunrisers Eastern Cape for the SA20. His fiery form against England was instrumental in getting the contract, according to multiple reports.

The new win will especially gladden the hearts of his fans because he had previously been snubbed at the SA20 auction. But he had popped out again, showing that he has great staying power.

South African cricket is popping with its energy of old following the coronavirus pandemic which saw pitches closed and players stuck at home. Now, it is “open season” of sorts, as cricket and other sport are flying back to life with tickets sold out and venues thronged.

Anyway, for Themba Bavuma, who has always exhibited great faith in himself, the recent vetting by Sunrisers Eastern Cape is another reason to put in more work and show that he is not a one or two-match wonder. Some solidarity.

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