Tembisa 10: Gauteng Government Is Still Suing Independent Media

The Gauteng government will go on with its intention to sue Independent Media for the Tembisa 10 story.

The back and forth between media house, Independent Media and the Gauteng government over the alleged Tembisa 10 babies is still going on. Independent Media has continued its claims that the decuplets are real while the government has shared plans to continue with its intention to sue them.

The media house had published a story last year that a Tembisa woman, Gosiame Sithole birthed 10 babies at the Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria. However, the Gauteng government and several private hospital have refuted these claims saying there is no evidence of such.

The media house alleges that the babies were trafficked in a scheme that involved doctors, nurses, several health officials and institutions. A documentary was released last year to push this. In a statement made on Wednesday, Gauteng government spokesperson said, “The state attorney is dealing with the matter. A senior counsel has been briefed and is attending to the matter.”

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