Tennis: World Number One Ashleigh Barty Retires Again, At 25

World’s number tennis star Ash Barty is spent and has announced her retirement from world tennis at 25.

The age might appear youngish to some, but the Australian court queen has achieved what she wanted to, so she’s tossing her bat and moving on with her life.

The much-loved tennis queen announced her retirement in a post shared on her verified Instagram page. However, she said she wasn’t sure how to share the news of her retirement with the world.

It was an emotional moment, not relatively easy, to be finally able to do so. She thanked everyone who has supported her and shared her gratitude to the sport for what it had given her in the course of her career.

According to her, bringing the best out of herself takes so much work, and she doesn’t have that anymore. She neither has the emotional want nor physical drive to propel herself to the top anymore.

“I am spent,” she insisted on the video she shared. The news of her sudden retirement reverberated worldwide because many had not seen it coming. She was, after all, just 25 years.

Some fans are optimistic she would be back, however. The reason for this optimism is that she had previously retired from the sport in 2014 and returned in 2016.

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