Thabiso Mokhethi: From Generations to Life’s Hardships: The Actor’s Candid Revelation

A Journey of Loss, Faith, and Resilience

In a heartfelt and candid revelation, former ‘Generations’ actor Thabiso Mokhethi shared his tumultuous journey through personal and professional upheaval. Known for his role as Samuel in the popular soap opera, Mokhethi’s life took a dramatic turn following his departure from the show.

Mokhethi recently appeared on The Venting Podcast, hosted by Gogo Skhotheni, where he opened up about the cascade of challenges he faced after losing his job on ‘Generations’. His career setback had profound implications on his personal life, leading to the disintegration of his marriage. Mokhethi described how the cessation of his income led to a decline in respect and love in his relationship, ultimately culminating in divorce.

The actor’s struggles extended beyond his professional and marital life. He endured the tragic loss of his older brother, who was murdered, and the earlier deaths of both his parents and his youngest brother in a car accident. These successive personal tragedies left Mokhethi grappling with intense loneliness and depression, which he revealed led to a period of drug addiction.

However, Mokhethi’s story is not solely one of despair. In these darkest times, he found solace and strength in his faith. Mokhethi, who had previously practiced as a Sangoma, a traditional South African healer, made a significant shift in his spiritual journey. He chose to embrace Christianity, finding new purpose and direction in his faith.

Mokhethi’s story resonates with many who have faced similar hardships. His openness about his struggles with mental health, addiction, and personal loss has struck a chord with fans and followers. His journey is a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the resilience of the human spirit.

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