Thabo Bester: Dr Nandipha Magudumana To Get Verdict On Bail Application Soon

She stands accused of aiding the convicted murderer Thabo Bester in his escape from jail and other crimes. But Dr Nandipha Magudumana is adamant she is innocent and even sees herself as also a victim of the man who is also called the “Facebook Rapist” because, allegedly, he would lure ladies from the social media platform and rape and kill them.

She has been in jail ever since she was caught alongside Thabo Bester in Arusga as both attempted to flee into Kenya from Tanzania. The genesis of her court drama and fight for bail was a shopping misadventure she had with Thabo Bester.

Both of them had popped into a chain store to buy groceries, but Bester, despite having changed his looks, was recognised and soon, pictures of him at the all started circulating online. It also reignited the narrative that he had not died in prison as earlier claimed when his cell was engulfed in fire.

It turned out that was exactly the case. He had left a dead body in his cell and set the place on fire to create the impression that the dead was him. Nandipha stands accused of aiding him.

Now the court is set to rule on whether to grant her bail or not

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