Thabo Bester: Shauwn Mkhize Reacts To Rumours Linking Her To Convicted Felon

With rumours currently making the rounds that Shauwn Mkhize visited the convicted felon and rapist Thabo Bester in jail just before his escape from the slammer, the South African socialite and businesswoman has had to address the claims, denying them all.

A blog had initially claimed that the lady who visited Thabo Bester just before his prison break was no other than Shauwn Mkhize. However, reacting to the claims, she had urged people not to drag her into the Thabo Bester saga as it has nothing to do with her.

In a post on her Instagram story, she had dismissed the claims against her, noting that people should instead go and buy her new book (which detailed some aspects of her life. Unlikely the Thabo Bester angle was included there, anyway).

Thabo Bester is currently South Africa’s most infamous prisoner, having vanished from prison after switching bodies with someone else in prison and setting his cell on fire to give the impression that the person in the prison cell was him.

Bester was out there leaving his best life after the fire incident. However, he was identified while shopping at a mall and fled South Africa with his accomplice girlfriend, Dr Nandipha. Both were arrested in Arusha, Tanzania, much later

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