Thami Ngubeni Speaks After Scary Robbery & Hijacking

Hijackings and robberies are incidents many people would not want to be victims of. The trauma is something else. But, as the saying goes, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, and fate can intervene at any time.

That was exactly the experience of actress and media personality Thami Ngubeni recently.

The Metro FM presenter took to her Twitter account, where she spilled the tea about what went down without going into much detail.

According to her, she was hijacked and kidnapped, and the criminals took everything but her life. For not having been killed in the incident, she was grateful and thanked God. She compared the incident to walking through the jaws of a lion.

In other words, she had walked right through death but didn’t experience it. Who in her position wouldn’t be grateful? You can check out her tweet below.

A fan, who might have failed to grasp the message, asked if she was thanking God that she was robbed, and she replied that she was thanking God for sparing her life. Even though the plan of the enemy was to harm her, God raised a standard and protected her.

The story might have been different otherwise. “Hallelujah!”

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