Thandiswa Mazwai Praised By Fans For Her Vocals

Bongo Maffin lead singer Thandiswa received praise from fans for her vocal prowess after a video of her performing went viral on Twitter.

Thandiswa Mazwai is certainly who she says she is. Her fans know this, and they are committed to follow her to hell and back. The Bongo Maffin member recently took to social media and blasted the government for not doing enough for the people.

She revealed that most of her cousins are unemployed and have no way to provide for themselves and their families. She also shared how broken she was about it, writing,

“Almost all my cousins are unemployed. My entire family! No work. No way to provide for themselves and their children. Just broke and broken. D@mn South Africa ‘alive with possibilities’ It’s heartbreaking,” the singer said in her post.”

King Thai is in the news again after her performance went viral on social media. The video of the Bongo Maffin member was posted by Twitter (X) user _The_Beloved_, with the caption, “We do not talk enough about Thandiswa Mazwai.”

Fans were blown away by her vocals, and they took to the comments to react. Kea_Actually replied, “Need to see her live again, one live performance experience will have you listening to her entire discography for a whole year.” Jaybadza47 wrote, “Her concerts are a spiritual experience.”

Watch the video here.

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