Thando Thabethe Clarifies Her Recent “BF” Birthday Party Tweet, She Meant Best Friend, Not Boyfriend

South African actress, Thando Thabethe sent social media into a frenzy earlier in the day when she tweeted that she was planning her bf’s birthday celebration.

Some of her fans assumed that by bf, she meant boyfriend. It turned out that they were wrong as she tweeted later to correct that impression and set the records straight by letting them know that she meant best friend and not boyfriend.

Music fans got agitated because a number of them knew that her boyfriend was going to clock 31 this year, which would have made her post about planning his 30th birthday incorrect.

Her initial tweet read;

Planning my bfs 30th.

Responses to the tweet came pouring in with someone posting his Wikipedia age on the thread and asking how Wikipedia could say he’s 31 when she’s saying that he is 30.

Eventually, she had to quote the tweet and clarify that she wasn’t referring to her boyfriend but her best friend. When it appeared as though she wasn’t being believed, she went ahead and posted the picture of herself and the said friend.

Thando has been in the news for all the good reasons recently. The last time, it was for writing a glowing tribute for her mother who was retiring to go further her studies in accounting.

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