Thando Thabethe Writes An Emotional Tribute to Her Mother

Thando Thabethe sent streaks of tears down our faces as she penned an emotional tribute to her mother.

South African actress, television host and radio DJ, Thando Thabethe, has shown the deep love she shares with her mother as she writes a heartfelt tribute to her loving mother.

No one has truly loved us like our mothers. They are ones that had loved and supported us right from when we were very young. They are our support-system and cheerleaders. Our mothers are everything and no one can beat that.

Thando Thabete knows the importance of her mother and has not failed to show everyone out there to cherish theirs. She does not take the love she has for her mother for granted and she never fails to declare such love.

On Saturday, the actress took to her Twitter page to praise her mother for all she had done in her life- from taking an early retirement to sponsor her as she studied accounting to supporting her even when she deserted her accounting profession for entertainment.

Thando wrote a heartfelt tribute to her mother for being her greatest pillar of support as she took a career in radio. The TV personality narrated how her mother would wait in the parking lot, despite the winter colds, as she did her radio gig.

Thando wrote:

She would park her busted old Audi, without a heater in the coldest winters and sit in the parking lot while I do a grave radio show that wasn’t even mine.

I haven’t quite grasped how forward thinking, and mentally liberated she must have been to not only be OK with my wild dreams, but actually get behind them and be my biggest supporter, I love you Mom.

Thando had fascinated her fans in 2017 by appreciating her mother in an amazing way for contributing towards her success and being her pillar of support.

She had bought a brand-new Mercedes Benz for her mother, which she posted on her Twitter page. She also built her mother’s dream house in appreciation for her love and care.

Thando describes her mother as a confident woman who has always been her pillar of strength.

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