Thank You: Boity, PH, DJ Shimza And Mo-T On A #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge

Boity, PH, DJ Shimza And Mo-T Join The #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge

Boity, PH, DJ Shimza And Mo-T join the trending #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge.

We have been through a lot as citizens of Siuth and the world at large. Literally everyone is praying for change and for a huge turn around from all that’s been happening. Still, in the midst of all the chaos happening now, some have gone out of their way to make things better for the people of Mzansi.

A recent challenge tagged the #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge was started to show gratitude to some people and give hope in the midst of all that’s been happening. Popular celebs including Boity, Shimza, PH and Mo-T are the latest to accept and join in.

Each took to their accounts to state whom and what they are grateful for and also challenge other celebs to join in on the soothing fun. Truly, this new challenge is quite the most touching thing you’ll see on social media today.

Hey fam! I know things are incredibly tough right now so it’s important that we try as much as possible to keep a positive attitude. There is nothing better than gratitude. I am very thankful for my health and safety. Thank you to all the Ministers for the late nights and their coordinated efforts to keep us safe.
And thank you to the emergency services, doctors, nurses and every single person working throughout this time making sure that the country keeps going.
What are you thankful for @enhlembali_ @therichmnisi @bradleyndlovu @bashvision @thesivu @trevor_stuurman?
#ThankYou #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge #COVID19 #StayHome #CoronavirusInSouthAfrica #OwnYourThrone👑

What are you thankful for? Tag me in your post. 😘😘😘 #ThankYou #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge #COVID19 #StayHome #CoronavirusInSouthAfrica #OwnYourThrone👑
Challenge accepted @iam_ph 🙌🏾 Decided to join in on the #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge . It is very important for us to thank everyone that’s going the extra mile for our country during these tough times.
Thank you to all the drivers that deliver/ transport all our essential staff and goods to their place of work.

We appreciate you all. 🙏🏾 I challenge everyone to post their thank you messages 🙏🏾 #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge #Covid19 #StayHome

A big shout out to the men and women who continue to provide the essential service of keeping our streets free of litter and our homes free of waste. In my city specifically, #Pikitup ThankYou
What are you Thankful for?

Ive been challenged to think of things I’m grateful for in my country and I figure…There are men and women who are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters who are working as essential service providers to make sure life is as normal as possible considering these really tricky times.
#Thankyou to the various municipalities around the country and the companies who help keep our homes and the streets around them free of litter and waste by picking it up for us. In my area particularly, a massive shout out to @cityofjoburg and #Pikitup !!! i challenge and @sibumabena to tell us what they are thankful for and would like YOU reading this to tell us what you’re thankful for as well… #ThankYou #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge #COVID19 #StayHome #CoronavirusInSouthAfrica

Thank You For Staying Home
Thank You for your patience
Thank You showing artists Love
We Have so Much To Be Grateful For , What Are You Thankful For Fam?
#covid19 #stayhome
#coronavirusinsa 🙏🏼💙🇿🇦

Hey Fam , I Trust You are Well And Safe in Your Homes During Lockdown , I wanted to take this moment To Thank You All For Taking The #covid19 Virus Seriously By Staying in Your Homes , I would also like to Thank All Of the Media houses , Grocery stores ,hospitals , Artists for All Of their hard work during this difficult time , but most of all I would like to Say ,
Thank you to the Security Guards, Police & the Army for keeping us safe.!!! let Me also take this time to say ,
What are you thankful for @kaizermotaungjnr @mog_moments @lesleymofokeng ?

#ThankYou #NationalLotteryThankYouChallenge #COVID19 #StayHome #CoronavirusInSouthAfrica 💙

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