The ANC Redeploys Sihle Zikalala To The National Assembly

In politics, change is constant and we see that play out again and again. For former premier Sihle Zikalala, change came recently as the KwazZulup-Natal branch of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) redeployed him to the National Assembly.

Yesterday, Monday, 30 January, the party announced it had spoken with the former premier about his redeployment to the National Assembly, adding that Sihle, who is currently Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC in the province, will soon resign from the position.

A resignation is important because he cannot possibly hold on to his current role alongside the one he has been given in the National Assembly.

Sihle was elected into his MEC position after the December NASREC conference, which means he had spent barely three months in the position before he was redeployed.

At the time of writing, the former premier had said nothing about moving to his new role. But it is expected he would do that soon enough, as well as hand in his resignation before moving to the National Assembly as directed by the party.

The real reason for the redeployment is actually unclear, but it is expected that it was in the interest of the party to do so. Well, the public is watching.

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